Capturing the European Experience in an Australian Hotel
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Capturing the European Experience in an Australian Hotel

Hi, my name is Shelly, and although I have traveled all over the world, I firmly believe that you can have a European experience without leaving Australia. If you are planning a trip and looking for something a bit off the beaten path, this blog is for you. In this space, I am going to include all of the tips and tricks you need to have a successful journey that feels European. I plan to include posts on choosing the best hotels, planning the best sightseeing, selecting European food and more. I hope you enjoy reading and that you learn a lot.


Capturing the European Experience in an Australian Hotel

  • Considerations When Holidaying At a Caravan Park for the First Time

    26 February 2016

    Undoubtedly, if you have a career your daily schedule must be gruelling. Investing all your energy in your work relentlessly without a break is not only uninspiring, but could also lead to burn out. This is why it is recommended to take some days off to rejuvenate and relax. However, vacations are expensive, especially if you have a family. The good news though is that you do not have to travel to foreign lands in order to get some rest and relaxation.

  • What are some standard features of four-star hotels?

    19 January 2016

    When you think of luxury hotels, you probably think of four or five-star hotels. Four star hotels are among the top-rated hotels, providing upscale features and unique amenities you can't get in hotels with lower ratings. While they don't provide quite as much as a five-star hotels, they are still very impressive. Here are some things you can expect in a four-star hotel. High-Quality Furnishings The furnishings in four-star hotels are a level above three-star hotels in that they offer a wide range of firm and soft pillows, triple-sheeted beds, and plush bedding.

  • What Do Hotel Star Ratings Mean?

    2 November 2015

    Much like in other parts of the world, accommodation establishments in Australia are classified using the Star Rating system. Under this system, establishments are assigned a number of stars (ranging from half a star to five stars) depending on their condition and the quality of facilities and services available. Star ratings are used to classify the six types of accommodation facilities, namely caravan-holiday parks, serviced apartments, motels, hosted accommodation facilities, self-catering facilities, and hotels.

  • How Bed and Breakfast Owners can Attract Business Travellers

    18 September 2015

    When you think of accommodation for business travellers, one of the last forms of accommodation that comes to mind will be the Bed and Breakfast. Bed and Breakfast properties are typically managed by couples and attract people who want to enjoy a "home away from a home" on a long weekend break or an extended jaunt to the seaside. But when you consider that 10% of Australian travellers travel on business, Bed and Breakfast owners in this country are missing a trick by not making their properties more appealing to the business traveller.

  • Planning To Travel? Discover The Perks Of Staying In A Self-Contained Apartment

    13 July 2015

    If you're planning to travel, either for work or holiday, you're going to find a wide range of accommodation options available to you. Among these, you are bound to come across self-contained apartments, also referred to as serviced apartments. These are apartments that have been fitted with most of the modern amenities needed to accommodate all your needs during your stay e.g. laundry machines, dish washers, refrigerator, microwave, cooker, cutlery etc.